Agenda-setting research

ClimateWorks’ agenda-setting research helps fill key gaps in the emissions reduction debate as well as redefine and reset the public conversation. Our signature research to date includes the Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia, Tracking Progress Towards a Low Carbon Economy and Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in 2050.

By providing whole of economy analysis - made possible in part through strong philanthropic support - we are able to see where the opportunities and challenges lie. We then work with key stakeholders including business and all levels of government, to focus on areas in which we can create the most impact.

This includes the application of research at a sectoral level; for example our Pathways to Deep Decarbonisation in 2050 research provided the basis for our Low Carbon High Performance Buildings report for the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council. While at a sub-national level, the same agenda-setting research helped inform the South Australian and Victorian government’s net zero by 2050 targets. ClimateWorks’ rigorous and innovative approach informs our research, implementation and engagement work and is the cornerstone of ClimateWorks’ reputation as a trusted and impartial adviser to business and government.


Commercial building construction

Tracking Progress (2013 reports)

Recently released - Tracking Progress provides a more complete picture of Australia’s progress to date in the transition to a low carbon economy.
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Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia

The award-winning Low Carbon Growth Plan for Australia demonstrates that significant potential exists to reduce Australia's emissions alongside continued economic growth.