ClimateWorks partners with government and business to identify opportunities to improve energy efficiency in the built environment, industry and transport. These opportunities focus on existing technologies and best practice process improvements. Typically, energy efficiency delivers financial savings to businesses and households, even after taking account of any upfront costs.

Investing in energy efficiency can deliver substantial economic benefits for all Australians. Despite this, many energy efficiency opportunities are not expected to be taken up under business-as-usual. A range of barriers currently prevent their capture, including constraints on the availability of capital for energy efficiency projects, a lack of information or skills, or market barriers such as the tenant/landlord 'split incentive'.  

We seek to work with partners to find solutions that address these barriers, to ensure we can all benefit from the transition to a low carbon economy.

Key opportunities include:

  • Improving the energy efficiency of Australia's commercial buildings could save $2.3 billion per year across the national economy, while cutting emissions by 23 million tonnes per year
  • Purchasing high efficiency appliances at the time of natural replacement can cut household energy bills by $471 million per year while saving over 2 million tonnes of emissions per year
  • Improving the energy efficiency of industrial processes and equipment across Australia can deliver 23.9 million tonnes of emissions savings every year, while saving businesses $1.7



plug and play 2 report

Plug & Play 2 [Full Report] [PDF 370.02 KB]

Energy sector experts predict that, going forward, Australia’s electricity network will rely less on large centralised electricity generation as more individuals and businesses install renewable generation on their own premises. For this to happen, the network access requirements that customers must meet to connect their equipment to the grid must be fair and effective. Building on our first report, this new report, Plug & Play - Enabling distributed generation through effective grid connection standards, makes recommendations to improve transparency, oversight and representation of customer interests in network access requirements.

plug & play

Plug & Play: Facilitating grid connection of low emissions technologies — Consultation summary paper [PDF 826.36 KB]

See also the second report from this project.

For Australia to play its fair share in the global effort against climate change we must ensure that the innovative technologies and business models required to meet climate targets and drive energy productivity can readily participate in the energy market. The objective of the Plug and Play project is to identify and drive the implementation of institutional and policy solutions to make grid connections for existing and emerging technologies as straightforward and cost effective as possible for customers and proponents, while safeguarding electricity supply.

Energy efficiency key priority for Asia Pacific

Energy efficiency continues to be a key policy concern for governments and an increasing focus for business throughout the Asia Pacific. Eli Court from ClimateWorks Australia recently attended the Conference on Energy Efficiency in Asia; here he shares some of the top learnings from the conference held in Taiwan last month.