EV Insights Webinar Series

In 2017 and following the national launch of the Electric Vehicle Council, ClimateWorks Australia collaborated with the EV Council to present ‘The EV Insights Webinar Series’ - three webinars open to industry professionals and policymakers, where EV experts shared their experiences to help inform Australia's electric vehicle uptake. The EV Insights Webinar Series was supported by ARENA.

EV Insights: Webinar 1

The first webinar was delivered by Dr Anup Bandivadekar from the International Council on Clean Transportation, a world leading expert on reducing emissions from the transport sector. Dr Bandivadekar used international examples to demonstrate how governments at all levels can successfully use policy to encourage electric vehicle uptake. He also explained how vehicle emissions standards can influence electric vehicle uptake, providing important insights on the benefits and limitations of standards.

Download slides from Webinar 1 [PDF, 4.5MB]

EV Insights: Webinar 2

In the second webinar, we heard from Heath Walker from Tesla, a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles. Heath provided insights on the challenges and opportunities around bringing Tesla to the Australian market, and how policy support could help the market to grow over time. Heath also discussed latest news from Tesla, including information around the deployment of the recently launched Model 3, and changes we’re witnessing in the global passenger vehicle market.

EV Insights: Webinar 3

The final webinar for 2017 was presented by Garrett Fitzgerald of Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI), a leading organisation working on the future of mobility. RMI’s work includes the development of shared, electrified and autonomous personal mobility systems in Austin, Texas, and lessons learned will be translated and applied to cities around the world. Garrett offered insights about the future of private transport, the prospect of peak car ownership, and consequences for people and environment.

Click below to view a recording of Webinar 3: