Our impact

Zeroing in.

ClimateWorks has worked to help governments, businesses and investors make commitments to a net zero emisisons future - and momentum is building. Our latest impact report highlights just some of the activities we undertook and progress our work made over 2017-2018, in the pursuit of this goal. But we are at a critical junction as we now focus on implementation. We must support these actors to finish the task and enact the policies and practices that will get us all to net zero emissions.

Zeroing In: Impact Report 2017–18 [PDF 1.87 MB]

The ‘Zeroing in’ report summarises key ClimateWorks impacts over the 2017-18 period. Along with key reports including Tracking Progress, we delivered analysis for buildings, finance (climate scenario work), transport and energy, helped capacity build through education and launched several major new programs.


Building Momentum report cover

Building momentum: Impact Report 2016–2017 [PDF 3.57 MB]

ClimateWorks is proud to share our latest impact report, titled 'Building Momentum'. It covers many of our key achievements over the 2016-2017 financial year, which contributed to forward momentum towards our 'net zero emissions by 2050' future. As the report shows, ClimateWorks continues to deliver impact both through collaborative projects and our own initiatives.