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The net zero blueprint

We've set our sights on making net zero a reality across the entire economy. This is critical to limiting warming to 1.5 degrees, in alignment with the Paris Agreement. Our four pillars approach is how we can get there.

1. Energy efficiency and conservation

Choose assets and equipment that use less energy maximise the energy we already use in buildings, industry, transport and infrastructure. Implement circular economy principles and shift away from low carbon products and services where possible.

2. Decarbonise electricity

Encourage and assist the transition to zero-carbon electricity sources, like solar and wind supported by battery storage.

3. Electrify and switch to cleaner fuels

Switch all possible energy-using activity to clean-energy sources like renewable electricity or bioenergy and everything else to low-emissions alternatives.

4. Reduce non-energy emissions and offset

Reduce emissions by improving processes, shifting inputs and consumption patterns, or through carbon capture and storage. We offset the rest through bio-sequestration.

The cycle of change

Our end-to-end approach underpins how we collaborate and design programs. We develop agenda-setting research and apply it to specific contexts to meet stakeholder needs. We then implement our findings and empower people to create change.


1. Agenda setting research

Build the case for action through evidence-rich data.

2. Applied research

Translate research into practical information, tailored to organisational needs.

3. Implementation

Work with business and policy decision-makers to enable action.

4. Engagement

Engage decision-makers and third parties to build understanding and support for action.

5. Build Capacity

Infuse our future work and the work of others with what we've learned.

Where we work

We work across Australia, Southeast Asia and the Pacific to mitigate risks and create climate solutions. Our region has a critical role to play in reaching net zero, and the potential to grow because of it.