Commercial Buildings Emissions Reduction Opportunities

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Developed in partnership with Carbon Trust Australia (now Low Carbon Australia), the Commercial Building Energy Efficiency Opportunities report outlines opportunities to reduce greenhouse gas emissions across all types of commercial buildings, and by technology type. It also explores the barriers and drivers that influence the uptake of those opportunities from being taken up, by segmenting the identified potential by both technology and occupancy type.

Some key findings of the report include:

  • While policies and energy service companies typically focus on the energy efficiency in large offices, there is substantial potential that exists in other types of commercial buildings.
  • A large part of the opportunity lies in upgrade of small appliances and electronic equipment which come with low capital requirements and short paybacks, and are controlled by tenants.
  • Some promising solutions are already in place on a small scale in Australia.
  • However, lack of information remains a key impediment to the capture of emissions reductions across the sector.