Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia

The Supply Chain and Logistics Association of Australia (SCLAA) engaged ClimateWorks to assist with the development of an energy efficiency information program for SMEs in the supply chain and logistics sector. SMEs in this sector face time and competitive pressures and may lack the skills and resources to identify and improve their energy use, which in turn would benefit their business productivity and reduce costs, helping improve their competitive advantage.

This project aims to address knowledge and skills gaps by delivering a comprehensive program to SCLAA members and other SMEs across the sector who warehouse, distribute and/or transport goods.

An online interactive tool, which provides a 4-step guide to identifying, evaluating and implementing energy saving opportunities, has been developed.  The tool steps the SME through an energy saving calculator that covers transport, warehouse, cool rooms / freezers and materials handling and generates the opportunities and potential savings. The tool is now available online and also provides useful fact sheets, how to guides, case studies, examples of suppliers and details on grants available to SME’s.

The website, tool, energy efficiency webinars and additional resources can be found here.

This project has received an Energy Efficiency Information Grant administered from the Department of Industry.