Low Carbon Growth Plan for the Macquarie Park Precinct

energy meter

The Low Carbon Growth Plan for the Macquarie Park Precinct maps out the lowest cost emissions reductions opportunities for the precinct in the commercial and residential built environment.

The Plan outlines how building owners and tenants in the precinct can significantly reduce their energy use - and hence the amount of money spent on energy bills - between now and 2020 using a range of commercially available technology solutions that can be implemented at relatively low cost.

This report demonstrates that reducing greenhouse gas emissions can be profitable for Macquarie Park’s businesses, while also reducing energy consumption and dependence on grid supplied electricity. Some financial savings can also be captured by Macquarie Park’s residents. To do so, businesses and households will require clear information and improved access to financial solutions, indicating a clear role for government, energy service companies and financial institutions in the implementation of these opportunities. 

The Plan provides a useful tool to enable Macquarie Park to capture the substantial energy savings available to its businesses and residents.