Melbourne Water Greenhouse Mitigation Plan

Melbourne Water

ClimateWorks is providing strategic input to the development of a carbon mitigation plan with Melbourne Water. As one of Victoria's highest energy users, Melbourne Water has committed to actively managing their contribution to greenhouse gas emissions by establishing a target to reduce net greenhouse gas emissions to zero by 2018. 

In 2009 Melbourne Water developed a comprehensive Greenhouse and Renewable Energy Strategy to identify how this target could be met most efficiently, with most of the actions in this strategy having now been achieved. Melbourne Water is developing a new plan which will take into account the organisation’s obligations under the Carbon Pricing Scheme, the purchase of emission permits and offsets and other methods to further reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

This project will see ClimateWorks undertake engagement with Melbourne Water’s internal and external stakeholders to identify carbon mitigation opportunities, barriers and drivers. We will utilise our internally developed tools to renew Melbourne Water’s existing strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2018. Our tools enable cost curve development, barrier analysis and carbon abatement scenario comparison, and can be applied to corporations as well as local regions and precincts.

Melbourne Water delivers water and sewerage services to its customers and the community, which are energy intensive processes that consumed 1.39 million gigajoules of energy in 2011/12 – equivalent to 26,000 households– placing the organisation among the top 15 electricity users in Victoria.