Low Carbon Lifestyles

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The Low Carbon Lifestyles series, commissioned by Origin Energy (Origin) and prepared by ClimateWorks and CSIRO, provide a practical guide that identifies different actions householders can take right now to reduce their energy use or switch to cleaner energy solutions.

The reports analyse three different house types – an apartment, a small house and a large house – across four states – VIC, NSW, QLD and SA. The reports are designed to be consumer friendly, so householders can clearly see which action will give them the largest savings or the biggest reduction in emissions, including the equivalent number of cars of the road or trees planted.

The Low Carbon Lifestyles series found (for a typical large house):

  • Upgrading to energy efficient light bulbs can save around $130 a year and cut emissions from energy use by four per cent in Victoria.
  • Switching to energy efficient showerheads can save around $230 a year in New South Wales, $160 a year in Queensland and $315 a year in South Australia.
  • Upgrading to an energy efficient pool pump will save around $390 a year in Victoria, $380 in New South Wales, $260 in Queensland and $500 in South Australia.Upgrading to an efficient hot water system can save around $930 a year in South Australia and $650 in New South Wales.
  • Switching to solar panels can deliver significant savings and substantial cuts in emissions. Installing a 2kW system could save around $330 a year in Victoria and $470 a year in NSW and reduce emissions from energy use by around 23 per cent.