1. Introduction

Transport emissions are rising due to population and domestic product growth. But the sector offers one of the most profitable emissions reduction opportunities. 

In 2018, Australia’s transport emissions were up 19% from 2005 levels. Reducing emissions from this sector is central to achieving net zero emissions nationally by 2050.

Australia lacks light vehicle emissions standards – one of only a handful of OECD countries without them. But the sector can take advantage of electric vehicles, mode shifting and low emissions fuels.

What we’re doing

ClimateWorks is collaborating with industry, consumer groups and government to support lowering transport emissions. In 2020, we published an issues paper: Moving to Zero: accelerating the transition to zero-emissions transport. Our research showed that embedding a common vision, shifting transport networks and improving vehicles will shift the sector towards zero-emissions. Our focus is on working with sector stakeholders to develop a vision for transport in a net zero economy.

Bridging the gap

Currently, there is no national plan that brings together the entire transport sector. This gap exists globally. The sector is large and diverse, yet a collaborative approach can make net zero a reality.

The role of electric fleets

Electric vehicles fuelled by renewable energy can drastically reduce emissions from the sector. Globally, the transition to electric vehicles has momentum – yet Australia trails behind. 

Fleets can speed up the transition to electric vehicles. Government and corporate fleets make up half of all new light vehicles purchased in a year. By selecting electric or hybrid vehicles, these organisations can normalise electric vehicle technology and increase availability of second-hand electric vehicles. Our research shows that some electric vehicles are already cheaper for fleet owners than petrol cars, in the long term.

2. How we'll get there


Partner with local government

Our transport team worked with local government in Victoria


Engage with major stakeholders

Stakeholders from private, government and Monash research partners are engaged for input and review at key project milestones


Develop state of play and pathway publications

Using extensive research and industry knowledge, publications are developed to increase electric vehicle uptake in Australia

3. Our team

Our transport team has experience across data analysis, modelling, strategy, sustainability, policy, transport and energy infrastructure and more.

4. Resources

Moving to zero

Australia’s first comprehensive guide to reaching zero emissions in the transport sector.

  • Transport

Submission to the inquiry into electric buses in regional and metropolitan public transport networks in New South Wales

Electric buses can reduce costs, improve air quality and support local industries.

  • Transport

Electric vehicle ready local government fleets: increasing uptake and ambition

Transport is one of the fastest growing sources of emissions in Australia.

  • Australia
  • Transport

Improving Australia’s light vehicle fuel efficiency

Improving the fuel efficiency of Australia’s light vehicle fleet can deliver substantial environmental and broader economic benefits.

  • Australia
  • Transport

Improving the fuel efficiency of the Victorian Government’s passenger vehicle fleet

ClimateWorks has identified clear improvement opportunities for fuel efficiency of the Victorian Government’s passenger vehicle fleet.

  • Australia
  • Transport

Joint submission to the ministerial forum on vehicle emissions: proposed fuel efficiency standard for light vehicles

Improving light vehicle fuel efficiency can help Australia deliver on our international commitments, improve air quality, health outcomes and deliver financial savings.

  • Transport
  • Policy

The future of private transport in Australia

How can we move people and goods in the most efficient, safe and sustainable way?

  • Australia
  • Transport

The path forward for electric vehicles in Australia – Joint submission to the Federal Government vehicle emissions discussion paper

‘The path forward for electric vehicles in Australia’ has been prepared by a collaboration of industry representatives from the Electric Vehicle ecosystem, to explore the role of electric vehicles in reducing greenhouse gas emissions, improving air quality and achieving improvements in energy productivity.

  • Transport
  • Policy

The state of electric vehicles in Australia

Electric vehicles are a proven technology with strong environmental, economic and social benefits.

  • Transport

The state of electric vehicles in Australia – second report

Australia’s electric vehicle industry is growing on the back of global trends, media interest and consumer awareness.

  • Australia
  • Transport

Towards fuel efficient, lower emission light vehicles: Submission to the vehicle emissions discussion paper

The transport sector is one of the fastest growing sources of emissions within Australia, increasing by 47.5% since 1990.

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  • Policy

Towards fuel efficient, lower emissions light vehicles – response summary

A response summary to the 2015 issues paper considering a range of complementary measures that could be implemented in support of light vehicle CO2 emission standards, to help drive improvement in fuel economy across Australia’s light vehicle fleet.

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