Infrastructure has a significant, lasting influence on Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

Around 70% of Australia’s emissions are associated with infrastructure projects, according to the issues paper published in partnership by the Infrastructure Sustainability Council of Australia (ISCA), Climateworks Australia and the Australian Sustainable Built Environment Council (ASBEC).

The issues paper is designed to progress a new conversation to better understand the challenges and opportunities in reshaping transport, energy, water, communications and waste infrastructure for a net zero emissions world. It is the first step in a broader effort to reshape Australia’s infrastructure agenda and makes the case for why emissions reductions should be prioritised in infrastructure advice and decisions today. 

In the coming months, ISCA, Climateworks and ASBEC will begin engaging with infrastructure advisors, governments, investors, construction companies and other key stakeholders and decision-makers, from infrastructure advice and government frameworks and policies through to individual projects. The outcomes of these conversations will be brought together in a synthesis report that recommends next steps.

Correction: The published document cites a previous low carbon lending commitment by National Australia Bank of $55 billion by 2025. This commitment has since increased to $70 billion. Refer to: