Local governments are seizing the chance to lead on emissions reduction.

The latest Net Zero Momentum Tracker report assesses the emissions-reductions commitments and activities of Australia’s 57 largest local governments.

Prepared by Climateworks with the Monash Sustainability Development Institute, the local government report is part of a series focusing on major sectors of the Australian economy as part of the Net Zero Momentum Tracker initiative. The Tracker is designed to bring together and evaluate climate action commitments in order to help local governments build momentum towards net zero emissions. 

Local councils rank among Australia’s most important infrastructure owners and managers, with collective responsibility for over $380 billion in assets and land. The report found that 37 per cent of the local governments assessed have committed to reaching zero community emissions by or before 2050. These councils collectively represent 21 percent of the Australian population.

It found that:

  • 37% have target or aspiration to reach net zero emissions by or before 2050 for all, or the majority, of their community emissions
  • 58% have a target or aspiration to reach net zero by 2050 for their operational emissions
  • all of the local governments assessed are taking steps to reduce their operational or community emissions.