Eli Court

System Lead - Food Land and Oceans

Eli believes that transforming our food system, our land use and the way we manage oceans is not only essential for tackling climate change, but presents the greatest hope for preserving the natural systems that ultimately sustain us all. Eli oversees ClimateWorks’ activities focused on this system, and established the flagship Land Use Futures program, a multi-year, cross-sectoral initiative supporting the shift to sustainable food and land use in Australia.

Prior to joining ClimateWorks, Eli supported momentum towards community renewables and energy efficiency as an energy policy advocate at the Moreland Energy Foundation (now Australian Energy Foundation). He also worked in legal policy at the Victorian Department of Justice and as a lawyer for the Victorian Government Solicitor.

Eli’s professional life has been dedicated to helping people and organisations transition to a zero emissions future. His expertise is in making sense of complex technical and social research, and building and maintaining supportive and cohesive teams and partnerships that can translate that research into effective on-ground projects.

Eli holds a Bachelor of Arts/Law from the University of Melbourne. He is also a graduate of the Centre of Sustainability’s Fellowship Program. He is also a fluent speaker of Bahasa Indonesia, having previously lived and worked in Jakarta and Salatiga.