Nicky Chudleigh

Writer and Production Editor

Nicky supports ClimateWorks’ communications team in delivering compelling, consistent and timely communication that amplifies the power of our net zero systems change work. 

As a returning member of the ClimateWorks’ family (even after a long sabbatical, she just couldn’t stay away), Nicky draws on her experience translating decarbonisation pathways technical analysis for a broad range of audiences, along with three decades’ expertise in writing and editing. Her craft was first honed in advertising, where Nicky learned the essential building blocks of effective communication, before her connections to farming and rural landscapes where the impacts of climate change were already playing out dramatically, inspired her to pivot those skills to protect what matters most. She became a passionate supporter of solutions-focused approaches to addressing climate change. 

Nicky trained as a Climate Reality Presenter with President Al Gore, in 2009 before completing postgraduate studies in Integrated Human Studies with the University of Western Australia. Before joining ClimateWorks, she headed corporate communications at WWF Australia and has worked on communication projects for clients including the Australian Conservation Foundation, Pollination Foundation, and Climate and Health Alliance through her climate communications freelance business.